AiroAV Antivirus Affirm: Apple Invents a Subsequent-Gen Doc Instrument for iDevices and…

Apple Invents a Next-Gen Document Tool for iDevices and...


As we speak the US Patent & Trademark Workplace printed a patent software from Apple that pertains to an all new instrument that lets customers navigate by way of giant paperwork like a Phrase doc or iWork Pages doc, a PDF or spreadsheet (Numbers). The brand new instrument is described as being a “Joystick” as famous in our cowl graphic. It is clearly a “digital joystick.” I am certain that when Apple’s Craig Federighi demonstrates this new instrument on stage at a future occasion, he’ll make it look easy to make use of and navigate. We’ll even surprise how we ever lived with out it. But for now, whereas fascinating, it is somewhat troublesome to visualise in follow.  


Apple notes that functions executed on digital gadgets could embrace functions that allow customers to enter and edit textual content. Examples of such functions embrace phrase processing functions, presentation functions, spreadsheet functions, and note-taking functions.


In some circumstances, a show of an digital machine could not show a complete doc inside an software. In different phrases, solely a portion of a doc inside an software could also be displayed. For instance, in some circumstances, an digital machine could have a comparatively small show and/or the doc could also be comparatively giant (e.g., large, lengthy, or each). Navigating by way of the doc could show difficult in such circumstances or with sure kinds of digital gadgets.


Apple’s invention pertains to a digital joystick instrument which may be utilized to navigate by way of a productiveness doc (e.g., a textual content doc, spreadsheet doc, presentation doc, and many others.).


Extra particularly, the joystick instrument could also be offered on a show of an digital machine with the productiveness doc, and a person of the digital machine could work together with the joystick instrument to navigate inside the productiveness doc.


As an illustration, the instrument could embrace a joystick that the person could work together with to trigger a viewable portion of the productiveness doc that’s exhibited to transition to a different viewable portion of the productiveness doc.


Moreover, a person could choose inside a bounding space related to the joystick instrument to trigger the viewable portion of the productiveness doc to leap to a different viewable portion of the productiveness doc.


Accordingly, a person might be able to navigate by way of the productiveness doc in a handy and intuitive method, particularly on digital gadgets with comparatively small shows and/or digital gadgets that don’t make the most of enter buildings usually related to computer systems, equivalent to keyboards, mice, and/or trackpads.


The gadgets that can be capable of use such a instrument will likely be an iPhone, iPad, MacBook an Apple Watch, a Digital Actuality Headset, a Tv, or car dashboard.


Apple’s patent FIG. 7 is a movement diagram for a course of for adjusting a viewable portion of a productiveness doc; FIG. 9 illustrates a software program software program with a joystick instrument.


2 new document work tools for iPhone


Apple’s patent FIG. 10 illustrates a software program software program when a viewable portion of a productiveness doc is modified based mostly on a person interplay with the joystick instrument of FIG. 9. The arrow will shift left, proper, up or down in response to the place a person needs to navigate the doc; FIG. 20 illustrates the software program software program of FIG. eight when a person makes an enter to leap to a portion of a productiveness doc.


Apple’s patent software 20200241744 that was printed at present by the U.S. Patent Workplace was filed again in Q1 2019. To get your head round this new instrument and idea, try the total patent software right here.


It’s a must to surprise if this new instrument will likely be for Macs on Apple Silicon being that Apple is mainly stating that the instrument will likely be widespread on all Apple gadgets.


Contemplating that this can be a patent software, the timing of such a product to market is unknown presently.


The inventors are listed as Jonathan Robert Speicher and David Findlay. Neither have a LinkedIn profile.


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עופר איתן Report: Apple Invents a ‘Scene Digital camera’ System for a future HMD…

Apple Invents a 'Scene Camera' System for a future HMD...


Final Thursday the US Patent & Trademark Workplace revealed a collection of patent purposes from Apple that associated to their future Head Mounted Show (HMD) system (01, 02, 03, 04 & 05). Immediately’s report covers the final HMD invention from final week that particularly pertains to scene cameras that use a collection of mirrors that is ready to convey the scene in entrance of the HMD nearer to the consumer’s eyes to realize a extra correct illustration the scene.


Digital actuality (VR) permits customers to expertise and/or work together with an immersive synthetic setting, such that the consumer might really feel as in the event that they have been bodily in that setting. digital actuality techniques might show stereoscopic scenes to customers with a view to create an phantasm of depth, and a pc might modify the scene content material in real-time to supply the phantasm of shifting throughout the scene. When a consumer views photos by way of a digital actuality system, the consumer might really feel as if they’re shifting throughout the scenes from a first-person standpoint.


Blended actuality (MR) covers a spectrum from augmented actuality (AR) techniques that mix pc generated info (known as digital content material) with views of the true world to enhance, or add digital content material to, a consumer’s view of their actual setting (known as), to augmented virtuality (AV) techniques that mix representations of actual world objects with views of a pc generated three-dimensional (3D) digital world.


The simulated environments of digital actuality techniques and/or the combined environments of combined actuality techniques might thus be utilized to supply an interactive consumer expertise for a number of purposes, similar to purposes that add digital content material to a real-time view of the viewer’s setting, purposes that generate 3D digital worlds, interacting with digital coaching environments, gaming, remotely controlling drones or different mechanical techniques, viewing digital media content material, interacting with the Web, exploring digital landscapes or environments, or the like.


To make simulated or augmented environments as lifelike as potential, Apple’s invention focuses on what is understood within the artwork as scene cameras.


In response to Apple, the scene cameras might, for instance, be utilized in video see-through units in combined actuality (MR) or digital actuality (VR) techniques.


In standard video see-through units, a number of scene cameras could also be mounted on the entrance of the system. Nevertheless, these scene cameras usually do not align with a consumer’s precise Point Of View (POV). Apple’s scene cameras will on the very least partially right the POV of the cameras to extra carefully match the POV of a consumer by imaging the doorway pupils of the cameras at a location nearer to the consumer’s eyes.


Apple’s scene digicam system might embrace mirrors and cameras that seize mild from the scene mirrored by the mirrors. Through the use of the mirrors to mirror the sunshine, the cameras’ entrance pupils are imaged at a location nearer to a consumer’s eyes to realize a extra correct illustration of the angle of the consumer.


Apple’s patent FIG. 1 under illustrates an array of cameras with entrance pupils at or close to a consumer’s eye; FIG. four illustrates utilizing curved mirrors in a scene digicam system; FIG. 5 illustrates utilizing segmented mirrors in a scene digicam system, based on some embodiments.




Apple’s patent FIG. 6 above is a high-level flowchart of a technique of operation for a scene digicam system.


Apple’s patent utility 20200103669 that was revealed final Thursday by the U.S. Patent Workplace was filed again in Q3 2019. Contemplating that this can be a patent utility, the timing of such a product to market is unknown at the moment.


A few of Apple Inventors


Noah Bedard: Prototyping Engineer; Got here to Apple by way of Ricoh Improvements as Senior Analysis Scientist

Branko Petljanski: Engineering Supervisor, Incubation; Got here to Apple by way of Panavision

Eddie Huo: Product Design Engineer; designed mechanical techniques in a number of iPhone fashions from architectural ideas to mass manufacturing.

Brett Miller: Engineering Supervisor, Digital camera Incubation; Got here to Apple by way of Intel, Perceptual Computing.


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Jon Cartu Declared: Apple Invents new Keyboard and Accent for MacBooks,…

Apple Invents new Keyboard and Accessory for MacBooks,...


Two weeks in the past, the US Patent & Trademark Workplace revealed a patent utility from Apple that associated to a doable future keyboard with a brand new design. It additionally lined a keyboard accent that might flexibly match over Apple’s standard keyboards for a MacBook, an iPad Professional keyboard or a desktop keyboard that protects the keyboard from particles and spilled liquids.


Whereas conventional keyboards available on the market as we speak vary from low-cost to costly, the one widespread factor that they’ve in widespread is their weak point to mess and spills from drinks which find yourself gumming up the keyboard and at occasions rendering them ineffective with both caught or non-functioning keys.


Apple’s patent submitting states that “Liquid ingress across the keys into the keyboard can harm electronics. Residues from such liquids, resembling sugar, could corrode or block electrical contacts, forestall key motion by bonding shifting elements, and so forth. Stable contaminants (resembling mud, filth, meals crumbs, and the like) could lodge below keys, blocking electrical contacts, getting in the way in which of key motion, and so forth.


The keys on a standard keyboard are spaced aside to offer key definition which is a property of a keyboard that describes how simply a person can inform the place a key’s situated by sight or contact. Sometimes, sturdy key definition correlates with giant gaps or grooves between the keycaps since these gaps or grooves assist orient the person’s fingers on the keyboard. These giant gaps pose an issue for amassing particles and so forth.” Apple’s invention addresses these points.


Apple’s invention pertains to keyboards and/or different enter gadgets that embody keycaps and not less than one versatile construction connected to the keycaps. The versatile construction, resembling, for instance, a versatile membrane or woven layer, can present versatile bridges or interkey helps between the keycaps that, together with the keycaps, make a considerably steady and smoothed high floor for the enter machine.


Apple provides that “The highest floor can subsequently extra simply be used as a touch-sensitive interface because it extra simply permits the person to slip their finger throughout the keyboard.”


This can be a idea that Patently Apple first lined in a 2014 patent report titled “Apple Reveals a New iPad Sensible Cowl that Features a Distinctive Multi-Contact Gesture Keyboard.” A couple of of the patent figures from report are offered beneath to offer a clearer understanding of what Apple is describing on this newest patent.


2 touch keyboard for iPad Pro


Apple additional notes on this patent submitting that the versatile construction and keycaps are designed to restrict ingress of undesirable materials into the keyboard by offering a considerably steady high floor for the keyboard.


The versatile construction can have a fluid-tight and/or unbroken high floor in order that any contaminants are held by the versatile construction spaced away from the within of the keyboard.


A membrane may be positioned between outer keycaps and inside parts of the keyboard resembling inside keycaps, collapsible domes, stabilizers (e.g., a butterfly or scissor hinge mechanism), and base elements (e.g., a substrate, base layer, housing, and many others.).


Fluid and particles that falls between the keycaps may be blocked and held by the membrane at a location the place it may be extra simply cleaned off or in any other case faraway from the keyboard. The fluid and particles can even thereby be prevented from coming into contact with electrically charged parts of the keyboard or interfering with the operate of domes, stabilizers, and different shifting elements of the keyboard.


A Keyboard Accent


Past future keyboards utilizing this new design, Apple additionally is considering making a keyboard accent that may observe the ideas of the brand new design that might match over keyboards you at present have.


Apple notes that “In some embodiments, a keyboard accent is supplied that may overlay and canopy keys on a keyboard to be able to improve its resistance to penetration by undesirable supplies, to raised configure the keyboard as a easy contact interface, and to offer completely different key definition and really feel than would in any other case be supplied by the keyboard. The keyboard accent can embody a set of inflexible keycaps and a versatile layer that holds the inflexible keycaps collectively.


The accent may be overlaid on a keyboard (e.g., a keyboard of a laptop computer laptop) to offer contact interface and easy sliding floor performance that might in any other case not be doable utilizing the keyboard alone.”


In patent FIG. 31 beneath we’re in a position see a schematic view of a keyboard accent #3100 and a MacBook (#3102) having a keyboard a built-in keyboard (#3104). The accent can overlay the keycaps of the machine’s keyboard with corresponding keys. Urgent on one of many keys of the accent could cause the corresponding key of the machine’s keyboard to maneuver beneath.


The accent may be retained to the pc utilizing magnets, clips, or interlocking elements on the accent and the pc.


In some instances, the accent and laptop are able to electrical communication with one another. The accent can comprise a touch-sensitive layer (e.g., a capacitive contact interface layer or a pressure-sensitive contact interface layer) configured to detect contact between a person instrument and the accent.


The accent can subsequently present electrical indicators to the pc through a wired or wi-fi communication interface that hyperlinks them to one another. Accordingly, the accent can be utilized to offer touch- or pressure-based enter to the pc.


3 X 2 -  keyboard overlay system


Apple’s patent FIG. 2 above illustrates an iPad Professional keyboard that might presumably tackle this future keyboard design.


General Apple’s engineers are proven to be contemplating all kinds of designs to perform their purpose as offered beneath.


4 - collection of designs contemplated


Within the final picture offered above we’re capable of see patent FIG. 26. Apple notes that the keyboard meeting (#2600) can comprise a set of resilient helps (#2610) positioned on the internet construction (#310). The resilient helps can comprise an elastically compressible materials resembling a foam rubber or a compressible polymer.


With Apple’s MacBook Professional and MacBook Air keyboards lately being reverting again to the Magic Keyboard mechanical design, it is tough to say when this newly designed keyboard might come to market.


But with that being mentioned, Apple engineers can stroll and chew gum on the identical time and so it is a future design that many Apple followers want to see come to market to lastly finish the issue of keyboards failing as a result of particles and liquid spills.


Secondly, the contact delicate gesture side of the invention has been an ongoing challenge with Apple engineers going again to not less than 2014. When this side of the keyboard design is discovered, we’ll probably see this one thing just like the “Magic Gesture Keyboard” come to market.


Apple’s patent utility was revealed two weeks in the past and was initially filed in Q1 2019. Contemplating that this can be a patent utility, the timing of such a product to market is unknown right now.


Apple inventors of this patent are listed as: Wang; Paul X.; (Cupertino, CA); Mathew; Dinesh C.; (San Francisco, CA); Hendren; Keith J.; (San Francisco, CA).


About our Cowl Graphic: Our cowl graphic covers Apple’s patent FIG. 28 in-part which is an isometric view of a high floor of a brand new keyboard design.


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